This is an Apology

I must apologize. Not to you, the reader, but to myself.

When I started this blog, over a month ago I told my self I was going to publish a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Considering this is only my second post, I think it’s safe to say that wasn’t a very realistic goal. I’ve been trying to make an excuse for myself, but really there isn’t one.

So to myself, “I am sorry. I’m sorry for setting unattainable goals, and I’m sorry for feeling bad for not accomplishing them. ”

This is An Apology

Forgiveness is not a trait that can be found in abundance. I myself cannot lie about my ability to hold grudges for significantly longer than I should. Originally, I had planned on making a post about forgiveness (specifically self forgiveness, as I am apologizing to myself.) However, after much pondering on the topic of forgiveness, I realized it may be possible that society’s unwillingness for forgive is merely a sub-problem of society’s unwillingness, or potential disability to apologize.

We are taught as children to say “I’m sorry,” and we in turn expect to hear these words every time that we are wronged. Why then, are apologies not given out freely and frequently?  I would like to suggest that although we know the need for apologies, we may not actually understand exactly HOW to do it. Fortunately, I have a lot of free time, so I was able to make this dandy info-graphic on the easy-peasy steps of apologizing:


You may notice above that I only made half an apology. I acknowledged my mistake, I was sorry, and I confessed, but I still have two C’s, D and E to make my apology complete.

I cannot correct my mistake- that would require me to go back in time and make all the blog posts that I had intended to make, but I can commit to change. I am committing to post more frequently on my blog. However, in order for a high chance of keeping my commitment, I am setting a more attainable goal.

From now on I will post once a week. Feel free to hold me accountable for this.

Until next time,



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