Boho Berry’s Action Challenge: Goals and Progress

There’s this lady, her name is Kara Benz, and she is just amazing.

I don’t know her personally, but I do follow her blog over at She writes about bullet journaling (I’ll write about this someday too!), living life, running her business, and setting goals. Pretty much everything she writes inspires me to do better each day.

BohoBerry's Action Challenge

Recently, she wrote a post describing  a simple method that she uses to achieve her goals.

She writes:

“I was browsing through Pinterest that evening searching for more ideas to wrangle when it hit me: I wasn’t actually doing anything! 

“It was time to stop dreaming and start doing.

“I made a short list of 3 things I wanted to accomplish in 2015, and broke each one of those down into a very next step. It looked something like this:

  • Quit smoking – Research vaporizers
  • Open an Etsy shop – Buy beads and supplies
  • Get finances under control – Invest in budgeting software…

“Breaking those big goals into a simple, straight-forward next step was the key. The key to unlocking action. The key to getting started. The key to gaining the momentum in life that I so desperately craved…

“Within one year, I accomplished all 3 goals and more. All by taking the next tiny baby step along the way.”

She then challenges each of her followers to  take action themselves by following the same process.

Copy of Great people do things before they’re ready. They dothings before they know they can do it. doing what you’reafraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking riskslike that — that is what life is. You might .png

Of course, since her advice is so brilliant, I couldn’t help but tackle her challenge, and today I am going to share my three goals with you.

  1. Leave the house by myself without fainting; this is a goal I’ve been working towards for a very long time.
    • My Action Step: Finish and mail application for a service dog.
    • While I’m working on and waiting for the application to go through I also have a second baby step of opening my front door and stepping onto the balcony for at least ten seconds a day. ( I know this may not seem like much for many people, but for me it’s a BIG deal.)
  2. Be my own boss
    • My First Action Step: Make an office area- I finished this step a few days ago.
    • My Next Action Step: Create a masthead.
  3. Initially for my third goal, I wrote “Be Healthy” but even as I wrote that I knew it was not a specific enough goal, and that without being specific I would soon lose my motivation to work towards it. So, I changed it- my new third goal is to Run a Marathon! (I’ll probably write more about this later.)
    • My Action Step: Recover from the car crash (yeah, I’ll write about that later too)
    • Next Action Step: Find a work out buddy. Anyone wanna run with me?


Now, all that is left for me to write is an echo of her call to action.

You can join in all the action challenge fun by posting your goals in the comments here, posting your goals in the comments on Kara’s post, or by using #bbActionChallenge on Twitter or Instagram.


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