Dolls: It’s what I do!



You may (or more likely may not) have noticed that I did not publish a blog post last week.

I DID, however, WRITE a blog post. I was not very satisfied with it, so I sent it to a few internet strangers  friends for feedback. The number one question I got back was; “What do you do?” To be honest, most of the time I don’t do anything. But when I do do stuff I do stuff with dolls. (Yes, I said do do, get over it.)

I make dolls.

Here are a few I’ve done already:


To view more dolls I have made and to get sneak peaks of my current projects, follow me on Facebook!

I collect dolls.

Here are a few that I currently have on display in my room:


I obsess over doll related stuff on pinterest…

Honest, I have 15 doll related boards on Pinterest. They range everywhere  from the generic “dolls” board to a more specific “fox dolls” board. I have boards for doll houses, doll clothes, and even doll tutorials. Plus, I am always making new doll related boards.

Follow Me on Pinterest to get in on all the doll pinning fun!

I could ramble on and share pictures of dolls all day long, but you this is probably enough for now, so have a great weekend everyone.

Until next time,




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