The Deadly DIY and 3 Lessons You Can Learn from My Misfortune

I’ve mentioned in a previous post (or two) that I was in a car accident on April 1st. Today, you FINALLY get to hear the story!

Mothers Day (1)

It all started at Hobby Lobby, several months ago, when I was not even present. My Mother encountered a room screen/divider and she decided she wanted one, however, she did not want to pay the $300 that they were asking for the one she wanted. (Did I use “want” enough in that sentence?)

So, she decided that she would just DIY a room screen for herself. She went to the Hardware Store and bought $40 worth of wood, and some of these things:

I'm the thing.png

This image was found through google search, Thanks Google!

Then she came home, and let my siblings and I try to smash the things together to make a room screen divider for her. Well, the thing (shown above) didn’t work- it just kind of shredded the wood.

A few Days later, I had just finished my post  about the Action Challenge when Mom decided that maybe she and my brother could screw the wood together using the neighbor’s electric drill. They were downstairs drilling for less than half an hour before someone started screaming, and my mom came running up the stairs waving a bloody finger back and forth.

We calmly cleaned it out, and then my brother and I jumped in the car to take her to the ER. There, they calmly cleaned it out again, gave Mom a tetanus shot, and bandaged it up. (They actually have a really nifty tool for bandaging fingers. Here’s a video [Link] provided by ALiEM Educational Videos, in case you find random things as fascinating as I find them.)

Then, we headed home.

At this point, you are probably thinking something along the lines of “Why are you talking about your mom’s finger? I thought this story was about a car crash?” Well, you’re right. It IS about a car crash. As we were heading home from the ER we got in a car crash. We were literally turning into our driveway when the car behind us was rear ended, and in turn they smashed into us.The following events were all a huge blur to me. All I know for sure, is that we immediately went BACK to the ER in an ambulance, and I was the patient. The hospital was a blur too, I just remember a vague bit of pain. I am STILL in pain, a month and a half later (but I am starting to recover, so YAY me!)

Although this event was far from pleasant, it wasn’t a tragedy because I was able to learn from it. What I’m going to share now are three lessons you can learn from it too.

Lesson 1 : Know what you Don’t know

Since we were at the ER for such a long time that day, the doctor tried to entertain us by drawing us a diagram that looked something like this:

This Dot is EVERYTHING you Know. EVERYTHING. (1)

I was instantly able to apply this diagram to the events of that day. Mom’s Dot, was she knew what tools she needed to create the room screen. However, she did not know what kind of wood she needed- but she didn’t realize she didn’t know this. If she had known that she didn’t know what wood she needed, she may have researched it. Then, she wouldn’t have injured herself, we wouldn’t have been in a car wreck, and we would actually have a room screen by now. (The wood cracked when they drilled it, so she just threw everything away.)

Lesson 2 : Write Your Thoughts When You Think Them!

True Story, I actually started this blog post over a month ago, but I just kept putting it off, saying “Oh, I’ll remember everything I wanted to say.” And I did remember (which is literally a miracle because I don’t remember anything.) However, I lost motivation. And eventually I got to a point I didn’t even want to write this post anymore. Unfortunately, I ran out of post ideas that were ready to publish, so I grudgingly came back to this one. Now that I’m writing it, I am enjoying myself, but the procrastination between the car wreck and finaly writing my thoughts down really destroyed my positivity for a few days, and right now a negative attitude is not an attitude I can afford.

Lesson 3 :  Do What You Want To Do While You Can!

This relates back to the Action Challenge post, again. I had just written down things that I want to do this year; be my own boss, leave home by myself, and run a marathon. While I was being rushed to the hospital unable to move from pain, I wondered- Will I ever be able to run that marathon? Will I live long enough to overcome my anxiety? Will I ever actually earn money doing something that I love?

There’s no way to tell. I could die at any moment. YOU could die at any moment. It’s important not to put off our dreams, but LIVE LIFE NOW. In a recent episode of NCIS, Abby Sciuto (just barely learned that’s how you spell her name, thanks again google) decided to start a movement of “celebrating people” and she created the hashtag #LivingRocks! Personally, I think she’s got the secret to happiness figured out with that one statement; Living Rocks!




tl;dr? I know this was a fairly long post, so for those who skimmed through I’ll provide a summary. Accidents happen, they suck, but if you learn from them they don’t suck as bad. I learned that it is necessary to know what you don’t know, write what you learn, and live your life now!

What is something you have learned through a misfortunate event in your life? Feel free to comment below!


4 thoughts on “The Deadly DIY and 3 Lessons You Can Learn from My Misfortune

  1. While I was homeless I learned Heavenly Father takes care of his children. Through angels disguised as people I did not have to sleep in my car with my children. We were unsure where we were going to sleep each night until late in the day, but we always had someone step in and help.

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