Let’s Start Anew

Hello everyone, It’sa me Ronnio! (Lol mario, get it?)

Yeah, I noticed that there hasn’ been anything posted on this blog for quite a while. (A LONG while.) You may have noticed this too, or you may have forgoten entirely that this blog even exists. No worries man, no worries.

Here’s the deal; I have always really wanted to be a blogger, so when I started this blog I did TONS of research on what makes blogs succesfull, and I tried all of the suggestions. ALL of them. It got to a point where blogging was tiring, I wasn’t proud of what I was writing, so I quit writing altogether.

That’s not the purpose of blogging to me.

Sure, some people might think it’s nice to go to a blog that has all the post related to each other or at least to a central theme. Maybe some people only read blog posts that have pictures. Perhaps you hate surprises, so you like it when bloggers tell you what they plan on writing about, and what projects they are working on.

I just can’t blog like that. I tried, I failed, and I’ve done so multiple times. I have attempting and abandoming blogs for at least 10 years.  I am just not a “content creator.” While I do like drawing, I don’t have all the time and energy that it takes to make my own paperdolls for people to use. I have never really cared for monthly newsletters. I could ramble on and on about how I don’t have the skills, desire, or patience to be like all of the famous and succesful bloggers, but that is not really what I was planning on saying in this post.

What I really want to say is this:

Ronnie dolls is coming back.

No, I will not write on a regular schedule.

No I will not include pictures for every blog post.

No, all my posts will not follow a common theme.

I will write about what I want to write about when I ant to write about it. It may be boring, it may bee deep, it may, or may not be about dolls. I don’t care if the name of my blog ceases to make sense. It is my blog, and if you have problems with it, you can just leave. This blog will just be me writing, because that is what I love to do. You are welcome to read what I write, or you are welcome to ignore it, this blog is made by me, for me. Because that is something that makes me happy.


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