The Shortest Post I Will Ever Write

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Hey Guys! Super short post this week. I just could not wait to let you know about the brand new newsletter! Everyone who signs up will get access to FREE paper dolls that I’ve made just for you! PLUS, I’m going to be making more outfits for these dolls every month! Click below to sign up now!


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Dolls: It’s what I do!



You may (or more likely may not) have noticed that I did not publish a blog post last week.

I DID, however, WRITE a blog post. I was not very satisfied with it, so I sent it to a few internet strangers  friends for feedback. The number one question I got back was; “What do you do?” To be honest, most of the time I don’t do anything. But when I do do stuff I do stuff with dolls. (Yes, I said do do, get over it.)

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