The Deadly DIY and 3 Lessons You Can Learn from My Misfortune

I’ve mentioned in a previous post (or two) that I was in a car accident on April 1st. Today, you FINALLY get to hear the story!

Mothers Day (1)

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Mother’s Day: Time to Play

In case you weren’t paying attention, this Sunday is Mother’s day. (Quick buy a gift!)
In celebration of this event, it is my honor to introduce Dolls, Dragons, and Daily Life’s first Guest Blogger: My Mom.
Mothers Day
A child’s work is to play. Both young children and older children learn through their play. When children are not allowed to play they do not fully develop into a well-rounded adult. Having taken many childhood development courses before having children I was blessed to know these things.

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This is an Apology

I must apologize. Not to you, the reader, but to myself.

When I started this blog, over a month ago I told my self I was going to publish a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Considering this is only my second post, I think it’s safe to say that wasn’t a very realistic goal. I’ve been trying to make an excuse for myself, but really there isn’t one.

So to myself, “I am sorry. I’m sorry for setting unattainable goals, and I’m sorry for feeling bad for not accomplishing them. ”

This is An Apology

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